The Enviroschool program was born 15 years ago in New Zealand, 26% of the school in that country have that kind of certification. The president of the organization is Heidi Mardon who encourages a group of professionals and facilitators of its methodology of teaching and learning.  

In 2008 five Chilean schools and their principals went to New Zealand to learn more about this method and how to apply it to the Chilean Schools. That cultural exchange had promoted a new interest of different countries such as: New Zealand, Brunei, Singapour and Chile it’s sponsored by the NZ Ministry of Environment.


At Santo Domingo Country School think the Enviro School Program allows us to develop one of the major principles of our educational project: “Nature and Environment Care”. Besides this, the activities related to its method give to our students, a huge stimulus to think critically and act accordingly to that.

In our school we’ve adapted Enviro School Program to our own reality and educational project. Students work in different activities from PK-12; they are guided by the teachers in different aspects of their schooling.

Each class create a project, students draw a plan with an enormous environmental impact at our community, to reach that, they follow the following steps:

  1. Explore and observe different places of the school.

  2. Students select a zone and study the land.

  3. They analyse which is the best way to work and to reach their goal.

  4. Teachers and students create a budget.

  5. Twice a week some students work on their eco projects.

  6. At the end of semester they evaluate the progress of their project.